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When it comes to games with horses, most would associate it with betting. And that’s how others would probably view Pegaxy at first because of the concept of the horses racing against each other. In our previous article, we mentioned that Pegaxy is not a betting game. In this article, we explain how.

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What is a betting game?

In a betting game, a player spends money at the start of the game — and that’s their bet. They spend money to bet on a horse that they think will win the race. So at the end of the game, they either win back the money they bet plus their win. Or they lose the money they bet if the horse they bet on doesn’t win.

So, how is pegaxy not a betting game?

Like we wrote on our other article, Pegaxy does not make you bet on a horse that you want to win. Instead, you actually make your horse win and that’s by preparing them through strategizing, so that your horse joins the top (3) three spots. Additionally, there’s no money that’s being spent at the start of the game. In fact, the only thing you’ll be spending on is your NFT horse which you’ll be entering in the game against (11) eleven other players. And entering a game also has no payment. So, at the end of the game, if your horse doesn’t win, you really don’t have anything to lose. And if your horse does get in the top (3) three, you win the VIS utility tokens. Lastly, the game leans towards being player-controlled, meaning its results are not random, making it non-ideal for betting.

In sum, Pegaxy is really not a betting game.

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