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1. What is Pega List?

Pega list is an exclusive list of wallet addresses for the NFT / Pega sale. Here, you will submit your wallet address. Pega List will be limited to 10k-15k wallet addresses only. Only the wallet addresses subscribed in the Pega List will be allowed to participate in the NFT sale. Make sure that the wallet you will submit will be the one you will use in purchasing the Pega.

2. Will it be First Come First Serve (FCFS) basis too?

-Yes. The 10k-15k wallet addresses will still have to be fast in order to buy the 3750 Pega. Pega List does not mean that you have 100% chance of buying Pega in the NFT Sale. If you did not get lucky to buy one during NFT Sale, you can still buy Pega in the secondary marketplace!

3. Where can I see the Pega List?

-Probably in the Pegaxy website, details to be announced.

4. When will it open?

– To be announced. Better subscribe in the whitelist (submit email) in order to get a notification as to when will it open.

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