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  • Kyber Ventures, Capital, Shima Capital and many more investors invested in Pegaxy Strategic Private Sale and raised a total of $2,500,000.
  • The game is still on target and is still on track with the timeline
  • Tentatively, the team is looking to have the IDO on 20th-25th of October 2021.
  • The platform for the IDO is still to be announced yet.
  • NFT sale is scheduled for Q4 but the team goal is to get it done on October.
  • Tentatively, the team is looking to have the NFT sale on 25th-30th of October 2021.
  • Whitelist on the website is to give subscribers a heads up is happening.
  • They are introducing something called the “Pega List” to help fight bots.
  • They are opening tentatively about 10,000 wallet address to participate in the sale. More info about this will be announced soon and when the list will open.
  • Game launched is scheduled for Q4 and the team are on target for the first week of November. Everything is looking good.
  • The entire essential game backend is built already and the team is now working now on refining the UI/UX.
  • At launch, we will be able to rent, use the marketplace, and race as well.
  • At launch, it will just be a web-based browser game first.
  • You need a laptop or computer to use it. It may be compatible with some phone if someone find a way around it.
  • For now, the goal is just to have it working on the web-based app.
  • The goal by the end of December is to have a fully compatible and usable game on mobile.
  • The team are making sure that it is working on low-end mobile devices that’s why it taking time to release the mobile version of the game.
  • They started developing the game late-March, early-April.
  • The team is sitting at 28-30 members at the moment.
  • About 13 or 14 are in development team.
  • The staff are from the Philippines, Australia, and Vietnam. All are fulltime and inhouse.
  • The team are still recruiting staff. Availbles roles are: Graphic designers, Content creators, Video Editors, 3d Riggers, HR Staff, and Admin Staff. It doesn’t matter which country you are from. You can reach out to the team in Discord or to [email protected]
  • You should jump in to the Discord and engage with the community:

Follow the team’s official accounts to be updated on the latest news:

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