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The pandemic brought a pause in many people’s lives. All over the world, jobs and businesses were forced to adjust by either stopping operations or changing their work setup. But the new normal and the aid of technology brought forward the chance for a non-conventional way of earning — Play-To-Earn games.

What is Play-to-Earn (P2E)?

Now, the crypto economy isn’t new. But the recent months have seen its growth, especially with the prospect of playing games and earning by winning them. That’s what Play-to-Earn games are all about. Perhaps one of the best examples for this is the popular game, Axie Infinity, where players earn nonfungible tokens, more commonly known as NFTs.

What are NFTs?

As the name describes, they are unique and irreplaceable, unlike a bitcoin which you can trade for another. Moreover, NFTs are also part of the Ethereum blockchain, which is a currency much like bitcoin. These can also be any form of digital media — digital art, videos, music, etc. 

Pegaxy: A New and Upcoming P2E Game 

As described in their website, Pegaxy (Pegasus Galaxy), is a futuristic and mythologically styled racing game. The PvP game revolves around the descendants of the mighty winged horse Pegasus, which are called Pega. These horses will then compete for the top three spots against 11 other racers to win rewards, earning players the VIS (Vigorus) utility token.

Now, some might confuse the gameplay with the traditional betting on horse races. However, it’s not. In betting, you place your bets on which horses you think will win the race. With Pegaxy, on the other hand, you try and make your horse win by prepping them through strategy.

Like Axie Infinity, players can breed, rent, sell, and race their horses in order to earn VIS tokens. Similarly, teams can also build large guilds and scholarship programs. More importantly, it provides players the chance to “earn a second income through daily racing.” 

3,750 Founding Pega will be on initial sale this October 2021. These are also called as “Founding”, since they are the only ones created by the the development team of Pegaxy themselves. 


As previously mentioned, it is a P2E PVP racing game where players vie for the top 3 against 11 racers. A single race also comes with random elemental variables (wind, water, fire, speed, etc.). Hence, the players must strategize and master the elements to increase their Pega’s chances of winning.


Players can breed Pega for various purposes — to resell, for fun, or for scholars. 


Pegaxy comes with the first trustless rental system with a dual token economy in P2E games. Additionally, managers no longer need to handle manual scholar payments and multiple wallets as everything is automatically handled via escrow. All these make it safe, transparent, and efficient.  

How Owners and Scholars Earn:

  • Racing their Pega in PVP mode.
  • Selling high performing or newly born Pega on the Marketplace.
  • Renting-out their Pega in the Rental Marketplace for a share of racing profit or fixed term rental.
  • Collecting rare “Founding” and “Crowned” Pega and reselling through marketplace price speculation.
  • Competing in Pegaxy’s global competition, “The Grand Dash”. This competition takes place over 12 months, concluding in December, in which the top 12 racers of every class (60 total/month) compete in a series of events until the top 15 racers are identified at the Grand final in December (top 3 of each class). The top 15 will receive generous PGX rewards.
  • On release in late 2022, players will be able to stake their PGX tokens inside the community treasury for rewards.

Pegaxy Fundamentals:

  • The Pegaxy Metaverse is built on the Polygon/Matic Layer 2 Solution and utilises the dual token economic model initially introduced by Axie Infinity in late 2020. The governance token is PGX (Pegaxy Stone) and, as mentioned, the utility token is VIS (Vigorus).
  • The game will be released in 2D and transition to 3D once testing is complete, and compatibility with low-end android devices is confirmed.
  • Mobile gameplay is the primary focus of racing development.
  • Enabling large scale scholarship programs and guild growth through the in-game economic model is at the forefront of importance. This creates widespread opportunity for those in developing countries to access the game for free, and earn during the global pandemic. This aligns heavily with our team ethos.
  • Through community involvement and eventual governance, the Pegaxy game direction and development will be dictated by the players.

Source: Pegaxy White Paper


All in all, Pegaxy is no doubt another enjoyable way to earn additional income, much like Axie Infinity. But more than that, it’s an opportunity that’s truly worth the wait, time, and investment, especially during the time of the pandemic. So if you’re still on the fence or in the dark about what this P2E game is all about, we hope this article covered it all for you.

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