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Founding Pega

When will the Founding Pega sALE happen?

Presale will roughly be on mid to late October this year.

How much will the founding pega be?

The price list of Pegas can be found below and will depend on the bloodline of the Pega. You can learn about the Pega Bloodlines here:

  • Hoz = $600
  • Campona = $350
  • Klin = $200
  • Zan = $100

How many Pega are available at launch?

There are 5000 Founding Pegas. 3,750 of it will be available in the public sale which will happen in roughly mid to late October 2021.

The numbers will be as follows (public sale):

  • Hoz=150
  • Campona=600
  • Klin=1295
  • Zan=1705

The other 1,250 are for the private sale and team allocations. 750 for the private sale and 500 for team.


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Note: The information added here might still be subject to changes depending the team’s announcement. Kindly follow the accounts above for latest news and updates.

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