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Vigorus (VIS) is the primary “earning” and “spending” token inside the Pegaxy ecosystem. Players are able to earn VIS token by racing against other players inside the game

If Axie Infinity have Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as their utility token. On Pegaxy, we have Vigorus (VIS).

General VIS Statistics:

Token NameVigorus
Token SymbolVIS
Token Decimals18
Token TypeERC-20
Total SupplyUncapped
BlockchainPolygon (Matic) Chain


VIS is minted (created) through players placing inside the top 3 when racing, there was no IDO for VIS. VIS is burned (destroyed) through the Breeding model outlined later in the whitepaper. Our goal is to create a reasonably balanced mint and burn ratio while avoiding micromanagement and over dictation of the ecosystem.

Use cases of the $VIS in Pegaxy Metaverse

  • Breeding fee

More use cases will be introduced soon.

More info

You can checkout the full whitepaper here for more info.


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